The First 90 Days® Acceleration Coaching®

Genesis Advisers First 90 Days Acceleration Coaching is the ideal solution to onboarding and promoting your leadership talent. Organizations that fail to support executive transitions have higher costs from derailment, underperformance, and regrettable losses of valuable talent. A leader who cannot deliver results adversely impacts peers and direct reports — draining the entire organization.


The First 90 Days Acceleration Coaching is a high-impact process for accelerating executive transitions based on The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap® and tools designed by Dr. Michael Watkins. Executives who are onboarding or making challenging internal moves get the support they need to take charge in their new roles. The process combines 1-on-1 coaching from our exclusive global network of First 90 Days Certified Coaches with proven diagnostic and action-planning tools by Dr. Michael Watkins. The First 90 Days Acceleration Coaching by Genesis Advisers is the premier solution for supporting leaders in transition around the globe.

Getting Started

The process begins with a chemistry call to ensure an excellent coach/coachee match.

The assigned Genesis coach then performs data gathering via interviews with the transitioning executive, their BBHR partner, and/or their supervisor.

The Genesis Coach reviews the career history and identifies strengths, reasons for role change, mission in new role, and development areas/goals as applicable.


Experienced transition coaches provide customized advice throughout the executive’s transition.

Executives get one-on-one support to diagnose their situations, define their goals, and design 90-day action plans to deliver results.

Includes two (2) days on-site for intensive face-to-face meetings with the executive and/or team and seven (7) virtual coaching sessions over a duration of 6-9 months.


Newly hired and promoted executives have a framework for learning, connecting, and creating momentum as they integrate into their new roles.

Executives get the support they need to align expectations, build relationships, and adapt to an organization’s unique culture.

Executives can reduce time to breakeven point by up to 40% by approaching their transition systematically.

Process Description—The First 90 Days Acceleration Coaching

The Acceleration Coaching process begins, ideally, when an executive is appointed to a new role. Acceleration Coaching consists of five delivery modules that are aligned with the key phases of The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap as shown below:

Launch The coach prepares for an in-person launch meeting with a background review and discussion of the situation the leader is entering with their hiring manager and HR business partner. As soon as possible
Diagnose Your Situation The coach helps to diagnose the situation by supporting the executive in focused learning about the business situation, organization, culture, expectations, team, and stakeholders. 0-90 days
Define Your Core Challenges With guidance from the coach, the leader will crystallize A-item goals, strategy, team restructuring, early-win opportunities, and alliance-building priorities. 90-120 days
Design Your Plan The coach guides the leader in building and aligning the team around goals, strategy, and the pursuit of key early-win projects. 120-180 days
Assess Your Progress The engagement concludes with another in-person day to assess progress, adjust approach as necessary, and plan for the next 90 days. 180-270 days

Coaching can be enhanced with a Team Acceleration Workshop, Team Management Profile analysis and debrief, and additional coaching hours. Engagements are managed with state-of-the-art planning, reporting, and evaluation systems.

Our Coaches

Genesis Advisers’ exclusive global network of First 90 Days Certified Coaches typically have:

  • More than 10 years of experience as executive coaches
  • More than 10 years working in executive role(s)
  • Advanced degrees or similar demonstration of excellence
  • Experience working and living internationally
  • Deep knowledge of leadership transitions and what it takes to support them

To learn more about implementation at your organization, please contact us.