By Dr. Michael Watkins

We are excited to announce the launch of our new, redesigned First 90 Days Workshops and Blended Solutions.

These ½, 1, and 2-day workshops are based on the First 90 Days Transition Roadmap®, a proven framework for accelerating transitions. Participants learn to diagnose their challenges, gain alignment with their new bosses, establish direction, get early wins, and build key relationships. Research has shown that our programs reduce derailment, improve employee retention, and accelerate transitions by up to 40%.

The First 90 Days Workshops are highly interactive, including case studies, self-assessments, small group exercises, and peer coaching. Implementation options include the use of pre-program modules from The First 90 Days Online to create a blended experience that gets participants off to a great start right away. We have streamlined our workshop processes by partnering with an eLearning design team and a global online printing service.

The First 90 Days Workshops and Blended Solutions can be integrated seamlessly into your existing onboarding, leadership development, and promotion processes. Genesis Advisers can deliver the workshops or train your facilitators to do the delivery.

Implementation options include:

  • A half-day workshop for individual contributors incorporated into existing new-hire onboarding processes
  • A 1- or 2-day workshop delivered as part of leadership development programs
  • A Train-the-Trainer workshop to transfer knowledge and certify your experienced trainers and facilitators to run a First 90 Days workshop internally within your own organization

For more information about how you can implement our new offerings at your organization, please contact us.

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