The RapidRewire® Accelerating Change Process With The First 90 Days®

The Genesis Advisers RapidRewire Process is what an organization needs to align and accelerate individual and team transitions following a merger, reorganization, or significant acquisition. The aftermath of organizational change is often followed by a failed implementation phase, resulting in predictable failures to achieve cost reduction, post-acquisition synergy, and other key goals.


The RapidRewire Accelerating Change Process “rewires” businesses coping with restructuring, post-acquisition integration, and other major organizational change.

The RapidRewire Process will:

  • Ensure that all levels of the new organization are aligned on vision, goals, and strategy
  • Cascade next-90-day action planning down through the organization
  • Strengthen relationships and enhance team cohesion at all levels
  • Build the competencies required to achieve high performance

The RapidRewire Process is based on the Genesis Advisers Change Acceleration Framework™, a proven methodology developed by Dr. Michael Watkins. As shown below, change implementation requires alignment and connection coupled with essential competencies. For example, competencies in conflict management and influence are needed in organizations transitioning to a matrix structure.


Process Description—The RapidRewire® Accelerating Change Process With The First 90 Days®

The RapidRewire Process begins with the senior executive team and cascades down through the organization. The workshops focus on:

  • Aligning teams at all levels on vision, objectives, strategies, KPIs, roles, and accountabilities
  • Cultivating a culture of collaboration, open information sharing, rapid decision making, and effective conflict management
  • Organizing to have agreed-upon operating principles, meeting schedules, and protocols for
    agenda setting and meeting management
  • Creating momentum by developing coherent, connected sets of next-90-day plans

Competency-building curricula can be integrated into the workshops and delivered by Genesis Advisers facilitators. Workshops are conducted in-person at higher levels, but blended or fully virtual processes can be employed at lower levels.

RapidRewire processes draw on established assessments, frameworks, and tools. However, specific implementations are co-created with business and HR leadership. A typical RapidRewire design and delivery process is shown in the table below.

Needs Assessment Genesis Advisers senior consultants work with business leadership to diagnose the key alignment and competency-building needs.
Intervention Design The design team agrees on the key interventions (individual coaching, team workshops, virtual reinforcement sessions) and their timing.
The First 90 Days Team Acceleration Workshop™ Genesis Advisers senior consultants develop and deliver the workshop and coach workshop participants as needed.
Cascade Implementation Workshop facilitator conducts the sessions. The outcome is concrete action plans for the team and individual members for the next 90 days.
Competency Building Based on the needs assessment and implementation experience, key competency-building initiatives are designed and implemented.


Typical outcomes for the RapidRewire Process include:

  • Rapid alignment on mission, goals, and strategies
  • Faster, better decision making
  • Accelerated development of team cohesion and performance at all levels
  • Increased commitment and accountability

To learn more about implementation at your organization, please contact us.

“The RapidRewire approach dramatically accelerated a major internal integration and realignment of one of our key businesses. It had a major impact in speeding up both team and individual transitions as we cascaded it down through the organization.”
SVP, Global Talent Management and Leadership Development, Fortune 500 company