The First 90 Days® Team Acceleration Workshop™

The First 90 Days Team Acceleration Workshop is an ideal way to speed up the development of your leadership teams. The Workshop accelerates teams on the path to high performance by driving alignment, organization, and integration. The approach is described in Dr. Michael Watkins’ June 2016 Harvard Business Review article: Leading the Team You Inherit.


New leaders often inherit teams that they must assess, reshape, align, and accelerate. The Team Acceleration Workshop provides leaders with the expert support they need to drive alignment, establish shared operating principles, foster productive dynamics, and build plans to accelerate impact. The Workshop also is designed to accelerate the integration of new team members or to launch existing teams in new directions.

The Team Acceleration Workshop will:

  • Align team members on vision, goals, KPIs, and strategies
  • Organize the team to achieve superior performance
  • Strengthen relationships and enhance team dynamics
  • Develop action plans for the team as a whole and for individual members

The workshop is based on the Genesis Advisers Team Acceleration Process, a proven methodology and set of tools developed by Dr. Michael Watkins to help teams achieve maximum efficiency and develop a solid plan for the next 90 days — and beyond.


Align the team on mission, vision, objectives, strategies, KPIs, roles, and accountabilities.

The team has unity of purpose.


Organize to have agreed-upon operating
principles, meeting schedules, and protocols for agenda setting and meeting management.

The team operates efficiently and effectively.



Cultivate a culture of collaboration, open information sharing, rapid decision making, and effective conflict management.

The team’s energies are focused on achieving
high performance.


Accelerate by developing next-90-day plans for the team as a whole and team members individually.

The team creates momentum and builds confidence.

Process Description—The First 90 Days Team Acceleration Workshop

We have deep experience working with leaders in transition and their teams. All of our workshop facilitators have experience as team leaders, as well as over a decade of work as executive coaches and team workshop facilitators. Workshops will be tailored to the needs and priorities of the team. A typical workshop design and delivery process is shown below.

Goal Definition Workshop facilitator, team leader, and HR business partner discuss the leader’s purpose and define overall goals in finalizing the workshop design.
Data Collection When appropriate, the team completes our proprietary Team Development Survey (TDS) to assess alignment, dynamics, and organization. The facilitator also can conduct optional interviews to explore specific issues. This provides the team leader, HR business partner, and facilitator with insights needed to refine the workshop agenda and/or facilitation approach. The TDS also can be used to track progress in team development later in the process.
Workshop Planning Team leader, HR business partner, and facilitator plan the workshop topics and flow and clarify their roles and responsibilities. The team completes an assessment that provides insight into individual members’ work styles and team role preferences, as well as other required pre-work.
In-person Workshop The workshop outcomes are concrete action plans for the team and individual members for the next 90 days.
Post-workshop Assessment Team leader, HR business partner, and facilitator discuss the workshop process, results, and potential follow-up.


Typical outcomes for the Team Acceleration Workshop include:

  • Rapid alignment on mission, goals, and strategies
  • Faster, better decision making
  • Stronger relationships among team members
  • Deeper understanding of team member capabilities
  • Ability to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively
  • Increased commitment and accountability

To learn more about implementation at your organization, please contact us.