The First 90 Days® Workshop Train-the-Trainer

Incorporate The First 90 Days into your onboarding or promotion processes with the experts at Genesis Advisers. We can train your internal coaches and trainers, provide the appropriate materials and online learning, help you launch your initiative, and be your source when a trusted, external resources is needed. Our workshops and coaching have been proven to accelerate transitions into new roles by up to 40%. Partner with Genesis Advisers to get the full power of The First 90 Days.


The First 90 Days Workshop Train-the-Trainer is a multi-day training program designed to transfer knowledge and certify your experienced trainers and facilitators to use our First 90 Days workshop and coaching methodology internally within your organization. Training takes place in two days for our 1-Day First 90 Days Workshop and in three days for our 2-Day First 90 Days Workshop.

A Genesis Advisers Master Facilitator will deliver the workshop at your company for an audience of both transitioning leaders and a group of trainees, followed by a 1- or 2-day trainer workshop. This workshop will prepare your facilitators to deliver content in both programmatic and/or 1:1 interactions with leaders in transition. Once the trainees have completed the certification process, your organization can use licensed materials for internal deliveries.

Getting Started

Trainees and workshop participants receive prework readings, videos, and launch tools through our First 90 Days Resource Portal, which is designed to provide immediate support to leaders in transition.

Trainees will also receive printed versions of our Train-the-Trainer manual for use during the training and beyond.


Trainees participate in the facilitated workshop as though they were taking on a new role themselves, and they leave the workshop with a First 90 Days transition plan in hand.

They are introduced to the proven First 90 Days Transition Roadmap® framework, a pathway to accelerate learning, connect with key stakeholders, and create momentum for those in transition.

Workshop facilitation includes interactive exercises, peer coaching, case discussions, and experience sharing. 


Folowing the 1- or 2-day workshop facilitation, our trainer will work with your trainees as they walk through facilitation and/or coaching training materials. Training includes observation, teachbacks, and access to our trainer for clarification after the workshop.

The class size is limited to ensure adequate instruction for all trainees. Following the training, your company can order workshop materials and licenses through a custom portal.

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