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Acceleration Coaching

You have invested heavily in the search and selection process to bring in the best leaders to propel your organization forward. Now you need to invest in retaining and accelerating them. Organizations that fail to support executive onboarding suffer the costs in higher rates of derailment, underperformance, and regrettable losses of valuable talent. Acceleration Coaching will enable you to optimize your leadership talent from day one, providing your senior leaders with the 1:1 attention they need to plan and execute effective transitions into new roles.

The First 90 Days Resources with Coaching

Transitions are vulnerable times. As the adage goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. The actions leaders take in their initial days will set the tone for everything that follows. The First 90 Days® Resources with Coaching is a fully virtual and scalable process that is proven to dramatically accelerate leader onboarding by guiding your high-potential talent through the key elements of effective transition planning. Our content management platform provides customizable, easy-to-use access to our transition support tools and resources, which can be augmented with virtual or in-person executive coaching.

The First 90 Days Experience (FNDX)

Moving rapidly and successfully into a new role is a skill that can be learned. Our First 90 Days Experience combines expert facilitation with high impact small-group and one-to-one coaching in a fully virtual format designed around the needs of your work-from-home, hybrid or office-based workforce. Leaders gain confidence as they work through the Transition Roadmap® framework and create their Acceleration Plans with the hands-on support of Genesis-trained transition coaches—getting them up to speed and creating value fifty percent faster.

C-Level Coaching

The decisions new CEOs make during their first few months on the job impact whether they succeed or fail and set the tone for their tenure. The transition period is a time of opportunity, but also great vulnerability, especially when an organization needs fundamental change. C-level coaching helps leaders build credibility from the outset, which in turn creates the momentum and authority required to articulate a new direction for the organization. Our 1:1 coaching addresses the needs of incumbent and newly-hired leaders, enabling them to sustain and transform their organizations.

“I followed The first 90 Days religiously. The first 30 days, I would ask a consistent set of questions horizontally and vertically across the organization." 

Nicholaos Yiannakis, Managing Director, Dole


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