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    How Managers Become Leaders

    Transitions expert Michael D. Watkins has found there are Seven Seismic Shifts that take place when leaders make the transition from functional manager to leader.

    Our Leadership Development Journeys create well-rounded, effective leaders who can drive organizational success, lead with integrity, and inspire others to achieve excellence. 

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    What will leaders gain from this experience?

    Achievable Visions & Strategies

    Cultivate leadership competencies consistent with your organization's objectives and principles.

    Greater Team Alignment

    Create shared understanding among team members regarding goals and expectations to improve collaboration and performance.

    Accelerated Process

    Implement strategies and tactics that enable your teams to move forward at a faster pace and achieve their goals more efficiently.

    Expert Facilitators

    Our facilitators possess 10+ years of industry-specific, functional, and contextual expertise that enables them to create transformational experiences and provide impactful services.

    Design Your Leader Journey

    The design of each Development Leadership Journey module is tailored to the specific participant experience through curated content. Delivery of these custom modules through cohorts will reinforce the on-the-job application of concepts and peer support.

    Practical Frameworks

    To help participants "make sense" of key challenges and provide a basis for constructive action.

    Real-Life Scenarios

    Organizational case studies created through information gathering at the project's outset.

    Leadership Challenges

    Participant personal challenges to stimulate the application of module frameworks and tools.

    Time & Format

    • Modules are delivered in 3-4 hour sessions
    • Programs can be delivered virtually or in-person


    • Tools and resources for leaders to use after modules ends
    • Individual and peer-based work (synchronous and async)

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