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    Overcome challenges and develop strategies
    for achieving your professional goals


    Discover Your Best Coach

    Connect with our global network of 70+ Leadership Consultants to find the right coach for your leader. Genesis employs a data-driven screening process and conducts chemistry interviews to ensure that the executives are matched with the most compatible coach. 



    Transition Coaching

    Provide your senior leaders with the 1:1 attention they need to plan and execute effective transitions into new roles. Our Acceleration Coaching solutions are based on the work of our Co-Founder Michael Watkins, who is the best-selling author of The First 90 Days® – an essential blueprint for navigating successful transitions relied on by leading global organizations.

    Months 1-2

    Establish Context

    Coach Matching
    1:1 Coaching
    Stakeholder interviews

    Months 3-4

    Apply Transition Roadmap

    Transition Roadmap
    1:1 Coaching
    Relevant Resources

    Months 5-6

    Drive Progress

    Manager Check-in
    1:1 Coaching
    Sustaining Impact


    Development Coaching

    Our Development Coaching programs are recommended for situations where the leader has specific development needs to be more effective in their current role or to prepare them for future roles. Coaching is customized to address a leader's role complexity, risk, and visibility.