The decisions new CEOs make during their first few months on the job have a decisive impact on whether they ultimately succeed or fail. CEOs who are promoted from within tend to get inadequate support on the assumption that they are in familiar territory and must transform relationships with former peers, “step up” to manage the entire organization, and work more with the board of directors and key external stakeholders. CEOs hired from outside, have to quickly diagnose the organization and begin to have an impact, while adjusting to a new culture and forming critical relationships. In both scenarios, CEOs face the challenge of getting the organization to embrace and adapt to a new way of operating around a new vision.

Based on decades of experience coaching top executives in transition, our C-level coaching has proven to dramatically accelerate performance. From defining your “entry posture,” to supporting the assessment process, to providing advice on key decisions and supporting development of the leadership team, we provide CEOs with the 1:1 support they need to create early momentum, form crucial networks, build credibility, and thrive.

"Above all, as a new CEO, you need to figure out how to manage the increased external demands and make the right tradeoffs about how you will spend your time and energy."

Eugene A. Woods, President and CEO of Atrium Health "Getting Out of the Office: Seven Organizing Principles to Help CEOs Effectively Shape the External Environment" (CEOWORLD Magazine, Nov 2018)

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