Leadership Development

We design and deliver leadership development processes that drive transformation, build essential capabilities, and support new mindsets and cultures. We think of what we do as “leadership development for transformation,” believing that development is an essential lever for advancing and sustaining major change initiatives. We work with our clients to understand their transformation objectives and the associated requirements for new competencies, mindsets, and behaviors. Then we create innovative multi-methodology processes for achieving those objectives, often combining assessment, individual and group coaching, case studies, exercises, and simulations.

Our processes are explicitly designed to develop future enterprise leaders. Typically, they are based on the Seven Seismic Shifts™ Framework outlined in Michael Watkins’s Harvard Business Review article “How Managers Become Leaders” and are designed to prepare leaders to navigate the challenging changes in their focus and skills required to move to the enterprise level. See the adjacent video series for more information on the Seven Seismic Shifts.

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We provide customized and standard talent management solutions for leaders, teams, and organizations.

Our global network of leadership consultants is exclusively trained in our proven methodology and bring a minimum of ten years of practical experience in leadership development at global organizations.

We rely on and value enduring client relationships built on trust.

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