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The Impact of Transitions on Organizations

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The Do’s & Don’ts of Onboarding

Michael Watkins was recently interviewed by Jeff Hyman for the Strong Suit Podcast series. In the interview entitled, “Why The Rockstar You Just Hired Will Bomb (And Why It’s Your Fault),” Michael gives practical advice about executive onboarding and discusses how typical organizations are failing their newly hired talent. 

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Why Support Onboarding?

It’s surprising that few companies, even large global ones, do a good job of integrating new hires. Download Michael Watkins’s “How Transition Advisors Accelerate Executive Onboarding and Integration” guide to better understand the ways in which supported transitions differ from their “sink or swim” counterparts.


First 90 Days Open-Enrollment Course

Offered at the IMD Business School, our 2-day course led by Michael Watkins will prepare you for your new role. The June 2018 intake is SOLD OUT. Apply now for 14-15 September. Watch this alumni review.

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