The First 90 Days Online

Our award-winning, LMS-based system combines eLearning with performance support to accelerate onboarding by guiding your leaders through the key elements of effective transition planning.

Fighting Initiative Overload

Initiative overload can lead to employee burnout and loss of valuable talent. Learn how to spot the 7 root causes and take action to address it in your organization. Watch the webinar recording.  

Successful Transitions

In our May 2018 Power Onboarding Webinar, Emerson Electric’s Head of L&D talks about the onboarding program we co-designed based on our First 90 Days framework.

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Communicating with the C-Suite

Michael Watkins was recently interviewed by Peter Hegi for the Compass Podcast series. In the interview entitled, Communicating with the C-Suite: Tips and Tricks for Getting What You Want, Michael gives practical advice on how to communicate effectively and get results. Be sure to check back in for the next podcast in the series.

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Why Support Onboarding?

It’s surprising that few companies, even large global ones, do a good job of integrating new hires. Download Michael Watkins’s “How Transition Advisors Accelerate Executive Onboarding and Integration” guide to better understand the ways in which supported transitions differ from their “sink or swim” counterparts.


First 90 Days Open-Enrollment Course

Offered at the IMD Business School, our 2-day course led by Michael Watkins will prepare you for your new role. Apply now for our 13-14 November 2018 intake. Find out why Fortune 500 companies Caterpillar, Schneider Electric and Beiersdorf send their leaders to our 2-day course. And watch our webinar on demand to learn more.

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