AI-Enabled Executives-2


In "AI-Enabled Executives: How ChatGPT Will Sharpen Strategic Thinking," Michael Watkins shares that executives and purpose-built AI systems will soon work together to enhance decision making, problem solving and strategy formulation.


MIT Sloan Management Review

In "How to Make Your Matrix Really Work," Michael Watkins and his Atrium Health co-authors share that shifting the reporting structure to a matrix model has its challenges, but leaders can find success by focusing on  key elements.

How to leave a team-1


In “How to Quit When You Lead a Team," Michael Watkins and Genesis Leadership Consultants Peter Fennah and Brenda Steinberg share their advice on how to exit a team leadership role effectively to secure your reputation and legacy.

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"Successful leaders are systematic in planning their transition and reach break even 50% faster than those who aren't."

Michael Watkins