The First 90 Days® Online: Leader Edition with Coaching

Transitions are vulnerable times. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. During your First 90 Days, the actions you take will set the tone for everything that follows. The First 90 Days Online should be part of every onboarding or promotion program to ensure successful transitions by guiding users through the key elements of effective transition planning.


Designed by Dr. Michael Watkins, The First 90 Days Online: Leader Edition is an eight-module system covering the key elements of The First 90 Days Transition Roadmap®. Leaders learn to accelerate their learning, gain alignment with their bosses, establish direction, secure early wins, and build supportive alliances. The system is designed for anyone at the manager level and above. The impact of The First 90 Days Online: Leader Edition is magnified when combined with virtual coaching sessions led by a First 90 Days Certified Coach.


The First 90 Days Online: Leader Edition provides ‘just-in-time’ support to leaders anywhere in the world as they transition into a new role. Based on the Transition Roadmap and our proven workshops and coaching solutions, The First 90 Days Online: Leader Edition has a “Learn, Plan, and Deliver” approach. Users learn the concepts, answer questions about their transition as they progress through the system, and create their personalized First 90 Days transition plan.

  • Content is delivered in eight, 30-minute modules (Recommend 60 minutes for reflection)
  • A Certified First 90 Days Coach provides three virtual sessions (launch, mid-course, and completion) to guide leader in the creation of a transition plan
  • Highly engaging and interactive features include: self-assessments, case studies, expert reflections, click-to-reveal interactions, and dig-deeper resource tabs
  • Users are launched with foundational concepts and tools to identify and navigate transition challenges
  • Diagnostic modules help assess the technical, cultural, and political challenges, as well as alignment with bosses and peers
  • Users establish their goals and strategies for the next 90 days and beyond, including designing their teams, securing early wins, and creating supportive alliances
  • Output is a First 90 Days Plan that has been discussed and refined with the coach and can be shared with mentors and supervisors

To learn more about implementation at your organization, please contact us.