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CEOs promoted from within face unique challenges.

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Moving up to enterprise leadership requires seismic shifts in your approach.

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Organizations are adept at basic onboarding mechanics but do little to integrate new leaders.

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Most leaders inherit their team and need to assess, reshape, and align it.

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In “Seven Principles for Leading Virtual Teams,” Michael Watkins shares his seven basic principles to shift successfully from leading a co-located team to leading a virtual one. It begins with approaching the transition with curiosity and a “growth” mindset and encouraging your team to do the same.


Harvard Business Review Article

In “Onboarding a New Leader – Remotely” (Harvard Business Review, May 2020), Michael Watkins shares recent research revealing that companies are still hiring at near-to-pre-crisis rates, but lack virtual onboarding systems to do this successfully. Follow his guidelines to successfully navigate your Virtual First 90 Days.



Harvard Business Review ARTICLE

In “How Insider CEOs Succeed” (Harvard Business Review, March/April 2020), Michael Watkins and Andrew Chastain outline the five key hurdles that incumbent CEO’s face and point out that “they are comparable in magnitude, albeit different in character, to those that externally hired leaders confront.”


the first 90 days

"Successful leaders are systematic in planning their transition and reach break even 50% faster than those who aren't."

Michael Watkins
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